Strength & Conditioning
Build a strong body. You’ll be squatting, pressing, deadlifting and working through all the accessory movements. We’ll help you build a solid foundation that will improve every aspect of life.
Endurance sessions focus on interval training to increase speed, power and VO2 Max. You’ll improve your overall work capacity, which will mean you can go longer and harder whilst improving recovery.
Athlete training to improve speed and agility. Train to move more aggressively and explosively. You’ll move quicker, load more and improve speed and agility
“SIN”-Strength in Numbers
Training designed for every level and ability. The programme is designed to help improve overall strength and conditioning. SiN builds greater work capacity, builds confidence, pushes your limits and makes you comfortable being uncomfortable. Over time you’ll be able to train hard, improve your recovery and move better.
Mobility for Athletes. Reflect on the weeks training, iron out the kinks, let your body recover ahead of another week of work.
Team is your opportunity to work together and compete against others. We’ll push your mental and physical strength, test your communication skills. You'll show us your resilience and determination. Give it everything you’ve got.
SHE Lifts
SHE lifts is our exclusively female strength training class. You'll train with a focus on building overall strength, utilising weight training and body weight exercises. All levels of experience welcome.
Strength 101
Learn to Lift with Hybrid. We've designed our beginners lifting class to teach you how to safely lift weights, progress your fitness and feel comfortable in a gym environment. During the class you will receive individual attention from our coaches to ensure great technique and progression. All in a fun, friendly and welcoming environment.
A class formed of short but consistent periods of explosive exercise. Through training you’ll be able to go longer, go harder, build your engine and build resilience. Expect lots of sweat, lots of movement and lots of good vibes.
Hot Power Yoga
This yoga class will give you the strength, flexibility and cardio kick your body needs. It will challenge you mentally and physically, as you work with the mind to stay in the poses. The class will finish with a 5 minute relaxation meditation to allow the body to fully recover and absorb the benefits
Hot Flow Yoga
This Yoga class will help you grow stronger and more flexible as you immerse yourself in the flow
Yin Yoga
Long holding of postures and a focus on relaxing the muscles with breath work allows you to achieve a relaxed state, switching the nervous system from sympathetic (fight/flight) to parasympathetic (rest/digest). As the practice develops the mind will also begin to relax, bringing about a calmness to agitated thoughts and processes of the mind.
Vinyasa Yoga
Vinyasa is a flowing style of yoga linking the poses with your breath. Our vinyasa classes are slightly slower than the standard vinyasa class (but by no means easier) to give you more time to work into the poses.
Pilates encourages balanced development of the body. Strengthening the core, improving flexibility, and creating an all over awareness of physical alignment.
Pound 4 Pound
Shred the body fat and get fighting fit with our new 45 minute HIIT inspired boxing class. Rise the ranks with our high intensity rounds of boxing mixed in with bodyweight and core exercises.
Learn how to box and build the mentality of a champion with padwork, agility, cardio drills and strength training
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
A floor based martial art where raw strength isn’t your only ally. Solid technique, leverage and grit all play a part.
Krav Maga
Krav Maga is the official fighting system of the Israeli Defence Force. Train with expert coaches to learn specialist techniques in a fun environment.
Muay Fit
Muay Thai inspired fitness class designed to teach you new skills and get your heart pumping